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tracking data from Review sites

shows analysis in a desired way at once

Big Data Solution

Review monitoring

It collects data from various platforms, including portals, social media, and review sites, and shows the results of analysis in a desired way at once.

It collects data by dividing necessary categories such as business, product, and type, and provides real-time notifications about malicious reviews.

Not only do we check the results of analysis of reviews for business customers and products, but also the propensity and type of statistical results.

24/7 non-stop
live monitoring

You can see the analysis and status of reviews updated on Google, novel media, and portals, and data collection results live at once in real time. Even while the customer is sleeping, Revieweler analyzes non-stop.

  • Real-time notification of negative comments
  • Notification of ratings below satisfaction
  • Provide dashboard of review analysis for multiple stores
  • Automatic classification of positive/negative/neutral ratings
데이터분석현황 데이터 실시간 모니터링

An in-depth check of the target community that is designed to the business

After selecting target customers based on the characteristics of the business, in-depth analysis of the customer data is possible by intensively collecting the data of the community where a specific target is located.

  • Provides website trends and reputation
  • Analysis of social media tendencies
  • Provides of the latest Google/Yelp review in real time
타겟 현황 오른쪽 화살표 현황 추이 정보 제공받음

Various statistical analysis leading to perfect business management

Through the user buzz data that went through keyword collection analysis Collect VOC for your business and products and provide insights. Statistical data provided in various types and accurate data results will guide you to a successful business.

  • Keyword tendency analysis, automatic review classification function
  • Separate extraction of brand data
  • It is possible to expose detailed data analysis results by categories
유형분석 그레프 통계자료 분석하는 이미지

Real-time notification of negative comments

Negative comments collected in all analysis are notified immediately

  • Real-time notification of negative comments
  • Notification of specific keywords that can be customized
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